Nextbase dash cam continues to be recommended by Which?

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NEWS item contributed by the V8 Webmaster

Posted: 180426
In our review of dash cams in late 2016 the best buys with a Which? magazine rating and typical store costs indicated the Nextbase dash cams were a good choice. In the latest Which? magazine for May 2018 they highlight the Nextbase In-Car Cam 312GW Deluxe at £92 continues to be a good choice. More

The V8 Webmaster says "personally I opted for a cheaper alternative without the features that record your speed as I felt that, should I have to provide footage as evidence of an incident involving another driver, it might not be a comfortable experience if the police were to be able to observe recordings of my speed! So I chose the unit without the speed recording. In fact I have three Nextbase dash cams – two Nextbase 212 Lite units (for a Volvo V70 and a Toyota Corolla) and an earlier Nextbase 412 unit for an MGBGTV8".