CHIPnTRAC vehicle tracker

Note: we understand this supplier is no longer offering trackers

Review of the CHIPnTRAC GPS Tracker published in the July 2015 issue of Safety Fast! magazine.
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Posted: 160408 - Updated 181130
The vehicle tracker, CHIPnTRAC, has now been operating for six years and many technical improvements have been made over that time and, even better news, the supplier has been able to continually lower costs and reduce prices.

Tracker improvements
The current version of the CHIPn TRAC now includes a piezoelectric crystal to detect if someone tampers with the vehicle. The latest software can turn off all operations except memory thus making it possible to run the tracker on its internal battery for a week, but if anyone tampers with the vehicle the tracker will be instantly awake and send you a warning by text message. This makes CHIPnTRAC much easier to use and doesn’t need wiring in with the voltage dropper supplied unless you want fit-and-forget operation - although some PAYG phone operators require a minimum number of voice calls to keep the SIM active so periodically you may need to take the SIM out of the tracker, put it in a phone, and make a qualifying call.