One classic a day is stolen

Now is the time to think hard about investing in a tracker for your MGV8 because the risk of classic car theft is rising. With a tracker the chances of recovery of a stolen classic car are far greater and the likelihood of the police assisting when the location of the stolen car is know are also greater.

Now is the time to consider fitting a tracker. More

Photo alongside: a car stolen in Birmingham was traced with a tracker to Southampton docks and recovered from inside a shipping container.

Posted: 181102
One classic car a day is stolen is the headline for the lead article in the latest issue of the popular Classic Car Weekly. They add classic car theft is now getting so rife but police forces are too overstretched and underfunded to deal with the problem. Figures compiled by the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators show 30 classics were taken across the UK over a one month period with fast Fords, Minis and VW camper vans among the criminals' top picks. But amongst the 30 vehicles taken away was an MGA from London and several E-Type Jaguars.

The handwringing about police funding has become the focus but really classic car owners need to be both vigilant and prepared. One of the best ways of protecting your classic car is to get a tracker fitted which will give you a prompt alert on your mobile phone of interference and if it is taken away the tracker will provide mapping information as to where the car is. With that, and better still a professional tracking package, the chance of a successful recovery is far better.