V8NOTES Volume 16 reaches 600 notes

V8NOTES series from 1979
The V8NOTES series started in early 1979, about 3 months after the formation of the V8 Register in October 1978, with a the first note from John Dupont on removing and refitting the V8 water pump. The V8NOTES then took off with the "First Fifty" notes published as a book in February 1981. So that was an average rate of contributions from fellow members of 2 notes a month.

Contributions have continued to flow in from V8 members over the last 41 years and alongside you can see the present front covers of the 16 volumes.

We have had just over 30 articles contributed since the start of 2020
The flow of new articles and notes has increased since the start of the year, not least with members in Covid-19 lock down. One thing that has come from the articles you have contributed is the V8 Workshop Notes series has increased considerably and reached 600 notes yesterday.

New Volume 16 to be launched in July
A new Volume 16 will be launched later in July starting with V8 Workshop Note 600 contributed by Peter Spurrs. At present Peter is working on another maintenance issue and has been trying to clarify with a leading supplier the fitting difficulty with replacement MGB windscreen wiper arms.
See V8NOTE600

Extraordinary rate of contributions
On reaching a total of 600 V8NOTES that will be an average rate of 1.2 new notes a month since January 1979 when the workshop notes series really got underway. Since the start of 2020 we have had 30 new V8NOTES and that is an average rate over the first 27 weeks of 2020 of 1.1 new notes per week! The editor will start updating the V8NOTES series we supply on a USB Twister memory stick and also supply as online updates with the aim of announcing the completion of Volume 15 and the start of Volume 16 at the end of July. Several of the new V8NOTES are features in the 4 page V8 Newsletter due to be published in the August issue of Safety Fast! which should hit UK members' doormats around 27th July.

RV8NOTES series
Whilst there have been relatively few new notes contributed in 2020, it has reached a total 459 notes. Any new articles or notes on RV8 maintenance or spares tips will be very welcome from RV8 members.

Workshop notes total to date
The aggregate number of notes (V8NOTES plus RV8NOTES) is now 1,059 providing fellow members with a useful information resource.

Posted: 200707

Frank Morand's MGBGTV8 (Mirage 0158) parked up at the Le Mans Classic 2012.

MGBGTV8 (Teal Blue 0547) was sold to an enthusiast in France.

Keith Belcher's (Damask 1949) seen in several classic car magazines in 2019.

Peter Spurrs' MGBGTV8 (Aconite 1157) with a long view into the Peak District.

Tailgate up on a V8! – still an impressive sight which reveals one of the most useful load carrying spaces in a sports touring car.

Geoff King's V8 Conversion has the Hoyle IRS upgrade so has the luxury of rear disc brakes and rear independent suspension.

An early Factory MGBGTV8 (Harvest Gold 0157) formerly owned by Kevin Horsey in Surrey
was sold in June 2006.

Bob Grieves' (Black UM Jubilee 2788) on his way to the European Event of the Year 2008 at Zug in Switzerland.

Paul Denton (BRG 5018) from Cornwall - a good example of a Costello MGBGTV8.

John Target (BRG 1022) and Paul Busby (Glacier White V8 0278), two long-standing members enjoying a sunny Silverstone.

Victor Smith (Harvest Gold 1089) for an annual visit to Hook Norton Brewery in Oxfordshire.

Engine bay of an MGBGTV8 – always an impressive sight.

Bracken 1218 on a dry and bright Autumn morning at Club Office at Abingdon.

Teal Blue 0463 which was advertised for sale and sold through a V8 Website advert in June 2004.

John Targett (BRG 1022) powers by the apex at Madgwick during a GRCC Track Day at Goodwood.

Ulf Lindquist (Midnight Blue 0342) from Sweden - a good looking MGBGTV8.
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