Cooling system pressure testing and leak detection
Sealing the MGBV8 engine cooling system is particularly challenging as the system includes a large variety of joints both bolted and clipped. Of the bolted joints the inlet manifold to cylinder heads would appear to present the greatest challenge as it requires the simultaneous sealing of two junctions with four water ports at opposite corners. In practice, if assembled carefully these joints appear to be relatively trouble free. The other bolted junctions, thermostat housing and heater valve, are simple joints with gaskets and relatively easily made leak proof if the faces are flat and undamaged and new gaskets are fitted.

More troublesome are the numerous hose to pipe joints. With 8 hoses and 16 joints, sealing requires careful assembly and checking.

Posted: 201002

As many of these will be obscured by later assembly the checking needs to be carried out while the joint is still visible and accessible. It also helps if the clips are oriented in such a way as to permit adjustment when the engine is fully assembled.

In this note Jim Livingstone explains the issues which need to be addressed if sealing is to be successful.

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