MGBGTV8 - cylinder head removal & replacement

How did the Buick V8 engine find its way across the Atlantic to power a generation of Rover and Leyland vehicles?

This article by Chris Goffey in Autocar in November 1976 was reproduced in the V8 Register Journal New Year 1980 by kind permission of Autocar issued to the V8 Register in 1979. It's a fascinating story of William Martin-Hurst stumbling across an aluminium Buick V8 engine lying on the floor of an experimental shop at Mercury Marine and then negotiating for Rover to make the engine in the UK. More

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A series of manuals from 1973 to 2003 were published from MG-BL-Rover-Land Rover sources. See our checklist

Posted: 200829

V8 cylinder head

For most of us the first step in any significant engine work is to consult the Workshop Manual and check the manufacturer's procedures and technical data. Knowing the origins of their V8 engine it will not surprise MGBGTV8 owners that there are two official manuals for their engine but what will surprise them is the conflicting data they present. The documents in question are the MGBGTV8 Workshop Manual Supplement (AKD 8468) released in 1973 by the Service and KD Division at Cowley ("MG V8 Supplement") and the Rover Overhaul Manual (Publication Part No. LRL 0164ENG 2nd Edition) published by Land Rover in 2003 ("Rover Manual").

The MG V8 Supplement former publication was written in 1973 when the Rover V8 was still a relatively immature product with another 20 years of development and production ahead of it. It is one of the benefits of owning this long-lived engine that much of the service experience is incorporated in an updated official manual. The purpose of this article by Jim Livingstone is to identify the significant updates as they affect the operations involved in removing and replacing the engine cylinder heads.

1973 MGBGTV8 Workshop Manual Supplement cylinder head bolt tightening sequence

2003 Rover Overhaul Manual cylinder head bolt tightening sequence

Jim says there are several specific areas where the instructions in the MG V8 Supplement are questionable and alternatives should be considered when removing and replacing a V8 cylinder head. The areas are: Cylinder Head Bolt Tightening Sequence, Head Bolt Lubrication and Tightening, Head Bolt Anti-Seizure Measures, Inlet Manifold and Gasket, Exhaust Manifold Assembly. Cylinder Head Gasket Assembly and then the detailed removal and replacement procedure.

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