Error in the MGBGTV8 manual - rotation of the distributor

Jim Livingstone has spotted a mistake in the V8 Supplement AKD8486 to the MGB Workshop Manual and highlights where it appears in this note contributed as V8NOTE595. He also provides two useful supplementary articles with more detailed explanations of the rotation of the distributor and the other explaining how to adjust the ignition timing. They are available via the links alongside.
Jim Livingstone has spotted there are several instances in the MGBGTV8 Supplement AKD8468 where the direction of rotation of the distributor is incorrectly stated as anti-clockwise - it should be clockwise. As it is obviously too late to issue an erratum to a 50 year old publication, the purpose of this note is to alert members of the MG Car Club and in particular those in the V8 Register to this error.

As far as ignition timing is concerned the consequences of the error are not serious as most will perform this operation dynamically using a strobe lamp and feedback from the flash on the timing marks will quickly identify the effect of rotating the distributor body. For initial static setup the backlash in the rotor shaft needs to be taken up against the direction of rotation - i.e. anticlockwise

Potentially more serious are the implications for those who prime their oil system using an electric drill and extension shaft. The drill needs to be set to rotate clockwise to pump oil in the normal direction of circulation.

For those wishing to correct their copy of the MGBGTV8 Supplement (AKD8468) the affected pages are: 14, 102 and 103 and highlighted copies are added at the end of the full copy of this note.
See the full article as V8NOTE595

Posted: 200615

MGBGTV8 distributor, explanation of direction of rotation
See supplementary article with a detailed explanation

MGBGTV8 distributor, adjustment of ignition timing
See supplementary article with a detailed explanation
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