Finding parts for a front brake caliper upgrade

For the restoration of his V8 Roadster, Peter Nixon decided to fit a pair of refurbished Austin Princess 4 pot calipers converted to a singe feed. He found Clive Wheatley no longer does the Metric - UNF braided hoses, so he felt he would need to have them made up for the front - the problem is knowing what overall length to make them. He found a website which suggested BGC Motorsport for Princess-MGB metric - imperial braided hoses. He gave them a call and they said they can make a pair.

Later another member, Ralph Hardwick, also carrying out a V8 Roadster restoration mentioned a parts supplier now sells a complete RV8 front brake set up including a pair of reproduction RV8 four-pot calipers and stainless steel braided brake hoses. See page 34 of their catalogue alongside. More

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