Finding parts for a Hardtop for an MGB Roadster

Peter Nixon needed some replacement parts for the hardtop on his MGB V8 Roadster and found a source in the USA. Here he provides some useful information. "The retainer strips for the hard top arrived today from the USA from ''The Roadster Factory'' who are located in Pennsylvania. These parts were exactly what I needed to refurbish the works hardtop that I picked up for a song recently which needed a rear screen - available from Brown & Gammons.

The items I ordered from "The Roadster Factory" were the retainer strips holding the rubber seal at the bottom of the hardtop under the rear


They also included the pop rivets for fastening in the retainer strips. Cost for the three pieces - US $29.99 plus US $22.80 shipping to UK. As these are from outside the EU there was £12.50 UK VAT and £12.50 handling fee to pay to Parcelforce. It was well worth it as these pieces are ''NLA'' in the UK". See V8 Roadster Factory webpage

Peter adds "The Roadster Factory are looking at re-manufacturing the hardtops as they had bought the moulds when the original supplier to MG - ''Watsonian Squires'' - as we understand they went out of business". V8NOTE563

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