Fitting a grille badge on an RV8

As there are two types of back fixings for small grille badges from the MG Car Club and from the V8 Register, we have two RV8 Workshop Notes explaining how to fit each type. Many thanks to Marion Quarrington and John Anthistle for contributing these useful guides.

Posted: 201111

Fixings for the Club's 90th Anniversary grille badge

Fitting an MG Car Club grille badge to an RV8

Soon after getting an RV8, Paul Wilson joined the Club in June 2020 and purchased the small MG Car Club 90th Anniversary grille badge. In a post on the V8 Bulletin Board he sought help saying “the apertures in the grille on the RV8 seem to be just too small to permit the folding ‘wings’ of the badge to slip through. Short of bending and ruining the integrity of the front grille, is there an alternative way to secure your badge?”

Here Marion Quarrington explains how she fitted a grille badge to her RV8.
See RV8NOTE465

Fixings for a V8 Register grille badge

Fitting a V8 Register grille badge to an RV8
John Anthistle says he hasn't fitted an MG Car Club badge to his RV8 and it sounds a bit different to the way he did fit a V8 Register grille badge (see above) some time ago. He decided this was most easily done by removing the radiator duct from beneath the front bumper and then it is just possible to get a hand up behind the grille mesh to secure the badge using the back plate and small nuts tightened on the two threads.

Here John Anthistle explains how he carried out the task on his RV8.
See RV8NOTE466
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