Joining the V8 Register
Joining the V8 Register is very straightforward - either register online or you can send a registration form by mail, fax or email attachment to the V8 Registrar.
Online registration
This is by far the easiest way - just click the "Online Registration" link below for the online form which can be used for registering any MG V8 model. It is a user friendly form which will not refuse to take your data if you do not complete all the data fields! When you have finished entering your data, just click the "SEND" button at the foot of the form whereupon your data will be sent to the V8 Registrar as an automated email by our webhost.

 Registration by mail or fax
You can either fill in the online form and then print off a copy or you can download a set of forms in Word or PDF format, fill in the data on the form for your model and then
mail or fax the form

Victor Smith
V8 Registrar
MG Car Club,
PO Box 888
London SW14 7YT

Is there a joining fee?
There is no fee for joining the V8 Register for members of the MG Car Club.
Note there is also no fee for joining the MG Car Club, just a modest annual subscription.

How can I join the MG Car Club?
Join online at the MG Car Club website
Join by telephone, call the Club Office on 01235 555552.

Further information
Details of the membership package and the subscription rates and an
application form are available on this website.

Any registration queries? Just call the V8 Registrar on 0208 392 9434 or email

Email contacts - Note: we use the name((atat)) format for displaying email addresses on this website because we are aware there are people who scavenge email addresses from websites using automated software systems and then harvest them for use by spammers who then of course send out their endless miserable crap emails, often laced with viruses and spyware. Just make the necessary adjustment to the addresses when using them.
New members who have registered with the V8 Register
or registered via Club Office at Abingdon are welcomed
on our monthly New Members webpage.