How did the motoring press receive the MG RV8 in 1992?
RV8 enthusiasts interested in looking back over the reviews and articles on the RV8 in the motoring press will welcome this checklist prepared by Dr Gavin Bailey from the collection of reviews he has assembled. A few of the front covers are on display in the righthand column. More

MG RV8 brochure - "the Marque has returned". More

Checklist of RV8 publications. More

MG RV8 news release - June 1992. More

RV8 press pack. More & More

RV8 product report for Rover sales staff. More

MGB story recounted with many video clips from interviews and adverts. Contributions from John Thornley and Don Hayter ending with the promotional video "Reborn" for the launch of the RV8 in 1992. Almost 55 minutes. More

How an MGB wing is made
British Motor Heritage Body Plant at Witney has produced a fascinating short video showing how an MGB front wing is assembled. More

RV8 model profile - a concise profile of the model with a facts summary panel. More

RV8 development cars. More

Documents for an MG RV8
See our comprehensive guide to the certificates, codes and other documents for the RV8 which clarifies what is available and from where.
Includes Heritage certificates, Export certificates, VCA certificates, Type Approval/Dating letters, Technical Data sheets, radio codes, ignition codes and emergency key access codes. More

RV8 standard equipment & extras
Standard equipment, optional extras and accessories for the RV8
. More

Original RV8 key fob. More

Alloy wheels on an RV8
Who supplied the original RV8 spoked alloy wheels and was there a part number change during production?
& Original note

Buying an MG RV8 - see our comprehensive review of the model, authoritative buying guide and useful information. Guide & More links
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