MG RV8 key ring

These key rings are quite rare as previous owners tend to hold them as a keepsake.

What have these key rings sold for? See one auctioned on eBay. More

Another one was sold on eBay on 15th August 2008 for an astonishing £252! More

Updated: 070212

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MG RV8 key ring
The first owner of each Japan spec RV8 was presented with a key ring which was manufactured from leather with an outer border in brown into which a black leather octagonal is sown. Then an octagonal with the new MG logo is mounted on top. The keys are attached and removed via a "D" shackle which replaces the usual split ring.
Angus Munro says "something I discovered during the Cowley visit in October 2011 as an answer to my question to the panel of RV8 experts was the key fobs were only issued to Japanese owners and therefore are not original equipment for UK registered cars. That might dent the daft values that some people seek when auctioning these key fobs."
It is surprising how large these key fobs are as you can see with a hand alongside.
Japanese literature pack originally supplied by Rover Japan
The pack contained the green leather cover and hand books as well as the elusive key ring wrapped in white tissue paper. Stuart Ratcliffe says "it does seem that you got the key ring when you purchased an RV8 in Japan. A few years ago I was able to purchase the last half dozen Japanese literature sets. We have sold these over the years and now only have a sample left." More
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