The first BMH development car was built by Mark Gamble in 1990 using a 1978 LHD US spec white MGB Roadster fitted with a new 3.5 litre Rover engine and LT77 gearbox. It was used by Styling International to produce the first clay version with clay shaped over the bodyshell in 1991. The V8 Database shows a registration of LFC 436 S and the body colour as BMH Green.
Recent research indicates it was brought for £50 by Nick Smith and restored to a standard MGB Roadster specification but later sold. According to Nick Smith the car is still owned by the person who purchased it from him but a DVLA enquiry shows it has not been taxed or SORNED under the original registration number since 1991 when it was recorded as having a 1798cc engine.
The second RV8 development car was based on a 1978 rubber bumper MGB Roadster bodyshell finished in red with a 3.9 litre engine with modified brakes and suspension. It was known as "DEV2" and was used mainly for engine cooling tests. It was registered as YWU 486 S and kept at Gaydon until it was sold off to private new owner.
It appeared at the MG Car Club's International MG Meeting at Silverstone in 2005 when it was on display for sale. A DVLA vehicle check enquiry in late March 2011 shows it is currently on a SORN to September 2011. The V8 Database records the car as registered by an enthusiast in North Yorkshire.
A third development vehicle was built using an MGB Roadster bodyshell finished in white with the usual black rubber bumpers from the MGB model. A photograph of the car appeared in the June 1992 issue of CAR magazine as a scoop. The car was advertised for sale on the V8 website in 2006 by a member in Worcestershire. A DVLA vehicle check enquiry in late March 2011 shows it is currently shown as "export" in August 2007. There is a report that it has been seen for sale in the Netherlands in early 2010.
This car was used for rig tests and was not registered for use on UK public roads. The V8 Database shows the bodyshell was finished in white but we have no record of an owner.
MGBGTV8 test car
This Factory MBGTV8, a 1975 car finished in Bracken, was used by the RV8 development team for comparison, testing and development purposes. The photo alongside shows the car in a line up between DEV2 and DEV3.
A DVLA search in late March 2011 shows the car was on a SORN valid until November 2011 but we have no record of the current owner on the V8 Database.

(Photo: John Yea)
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