RV8 in Oxford Blue for sale at Bonhams auction

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Posted: 200911

RV8 for sale - Oxford Blue 1343
£15,000 to £20,000
Bonhams MPH September auction
Bicester Heritage on Sunday 20th September 2020

The RV8 listed for auction is part of the "Nell Collection" with 62,839 miles and an MOT to 14th November 2020. The RV8 is part of the estate of the late Stuart Nell.
Bonhams listing

Richard Withington (a V8 enthusiast and Lincolnshire Centre member) says "Stuart was a long standing member of the Lincolnshire Centre and former treasurer, who I had known for about 15 years and lived about four miles from me (as the crow flies). The RV8 was previously owned by Peter Ellis a longstanding MGV8 enthusiast and former editor of Safety Fast!. Peter says "I cannot remember how many previous owners it had prior to me!"