Checking a car's MOT history

Check a car's MOT history on the GOV.UK website. More

Check a car's VED.SORN and MOT status with a VES search on the GOV.UK website.

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Vehicle VED/SORN, insurance & MOT checks on the GOV.UK website. More

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Checking a car's MOT history
Keith belcher has flagged up a useful website where you can check the MOT history of a car. It's particularly useful when buying a classic car as you can see whether the car had any adverse reports - "Reasons for failure" or Advisory notice items". The reports go back about nine or ten years to 2006.

Where can you make the check?
The GOV.UK website has a website where you type in the registration (VRN) of the car - making sure you use the right format NNN 888N and not NNN 888 N - and up pops the report. The website is at:

The example alongside is for a car that underwent a comprehensive restoration in the mid 1990s and more work in the early 2000s. It had an MOT failure in 2007 and two other advisories. Example MOT history report