Where is an MGBGTV8 I used to own?

How to check whether an MGV8 still exists
The online VES service on the GOV.UK website enables you to make an enquiry by typing in the registration number and the make of car. It's essential you use the correct registration plate format - for example BRE 960M and not BRE 960 M - because the system simply rejects any formal other than the DVLA format! You can see the VES links via our Information Gateway webpage.

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An increasing number of enquiries are coming from enthusiasts who are trying to trace an MGBGTV8 they had owned and enjoyed in earlier years. One received today from Colin Matthews says "I had an MGBV8GT from new, registration number BRE 960M. I wondered if by chance it is still in existence, and if so could you put me in touch".

On checking the V8 Database (which we believe has records of more than 70% of the surviving MGBGTV8s) there is no trace of a V8 with that registration number, not even a registration from Colin back in the 1970s. So the car appears to have never been registered with us.

On checking the VES (Vehicle Enquiry Service) on the GOV.UK website a record popped up reporting the car with that registration plate is an MG with a 3528cc engine and is taxed to 1st July 2016 and with a current MOT to 20th July 2016. So it appears this MGBGTV8 is very much alive! It was first registered in June 1974 so was eligible for the Historic tax class and the VED exemption, probably in 2015.

Does anyone know where this MGBGTV8 is today?