Massive 78% uplift for an RV8 in 12 months

Our Pricewatch volunteer Keith Belcher has spotted a current advert and notes it's sale only 12 months ago at a far lower price. Do auctions really get the best prices for classic cars? An alternative is a commission sale with a reputable MG specialist trader where a car is prepared, advertised and offered in a showroom - and the trader has an incentive to get you a good price! More

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Posted: 200901

RV8 for sale

September 2020
Offered through an online advert
Advert says "Reimported RV8 in Woodcote Green, December 1994, 19,500 miles, Woodcote Green with cream leather. Lovely example. £25,000" 200901

Comment: frugal description, a DVLA check shows the MOT expired on 19th March 2020, "mileage" at the MOT test on 20th March 2019 was 31,416 km (19,635 miles) so one wonders what the current mileage really is.

Pricewatch guide prices at May to October 2019:
Condition 1: £20,445
Condition 2: £15,677

A massive uplift in 12 months of £10,990 or 78%

Both the auction listing and current advert were spotted by Keith Belcher.

RV8 for sale

August 2019

Sold through an online auction
Auction listing said "Reimported RV8 in Woodcote Green 1269 with 20,000 miles with "Dark Stone" trim". Later marked as "sold for £14,010". 200901

Comment: the supporting description of this car has endless paragraphs of seemingly authoritative flab. The interior of an original RV8 is usually described as "Stone Beige" so presumably it has been given some treatment to warrant a description of "Dark Stone"!

The concluding paragraphs on the auction website were: "This is technically a three-owner car, but the current owner and the one before him both put very few miles on it. It’s in fine condition and ready to give its next owner a taste of relaxed (as opposed to TVR-frantic) rear-wheel drive V8 open top motoring. It needs nothing at the moment, bar that tiny bit of repainting on the sills. If you’re into detailing more than you are the oily rag you’ll love this car.

The lower estimate is £14,000, and the reserve is even lower that that. It would be a steal at either price, given that low-mileage cars like this one can be advertised in the trade for as much as £28,000." Clearly the outcome was a "steal"!

Pricewatch guide prices at May to October 2019:
Condition 1: £19,725
Condition 2: £15,982