Factory MGBGTV8 seen for sale
Andy Goves has seen this good looking MGBGTV8 advertised for sale.

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Keith Belcher reports the car has been sold with a testimonial posted on the Car & Classic website saying "Great website , sold car in 2 days and loads of enquiries."

Update: 160402
Posted: 160324

Our recent article on badging providing clues as to restoration applies here as you will see the "V8" badge and square "Leyland" badge are switched - the Factory had the V8 badge on the left and the Leyland badge on the right. This suggests a respray and possibly more so any buyer will need to check the car carefully.

Keith Belcher wonders whether it is A Condition 1 or 2 car? You can check our definitions in V8 buying guide pages.

£16,250 or near offer - MGBGTV8 in Teal Blue

Advertised as an "MGB GT V8 factory original in, Teal blue with Autumn Leaf interior. New original type seat covers and foams, new tubular manifolds. MOT until June. Previous owner had car since 1997 with very little use."

Our PriceWatch contributor Keith Belcher says "to quote the V8 Register Price Review by Adam Fiander "Cars of the very highest values sold at auction, through dealers or as private sales, are nearly always those examples that have originality at the core". This was manufactured in 1974 and registered in 1975 and appears to be a genuine chrome bumper car. The photos show it as original air filter equipped with rare original Autumn Leaf sill rubber covers and cared for under the bonnet. The wing seams look good, with tidy bodywork and clean original V8 wheels. With Teal Blue being a popular conservative colour choice, this car could warrant detailed investigation. Is it original or restored and what is the mileage and history?"