The 10 best MGs ranked by the Daily Telegraph

MG showed a rival to the Nissan Qashqai - the MG GS crossover - at this year’s Shanghai motor show. And given the popularity of these crossover-style cars, it could be just the thing to kickstart sales in the UK. But what are the best MGs of all time? The Daily Telegraph motoring section sets out it's rankings. More
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The Daily Telegraph article says "the top spot goes to the MGBGTV8. First offered in 1973, it swapped the standard car's four-cylinder engine for River's V8. This brought a big increase in performance, yet didn't upset the handling because the all-alloy V8 was barely any heavier than the four." The V8, with a de-tuned 130hp, has 200 lb/ft of torque that makes all the difference. With 0-60 in 7.7 seconds it was supercar territory in 1974.

The other rankings were: MGB Roadster (2), MG TC (3), MGA (4), MG ZT (5), MGF (6), MG Maestro Turbo (7), MG Midget (8), MG ZA Magnette (9) and MG 14/28 (10). See the article. More