MGBGTV8s seen advertised for sale

Keith Belcher has spotted two chrome bumper MGBGTV8s advertised for sale at full prices.

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Updated: 160220
Posted: 160213

£17,995 - MGBGTV8 in Citron - private sale - SOLD
There is a large history file with the car which includes MOTs and tax discs dating back to 1979. The car underwent a comprehensive restoration in the mid 1990s and all the receipts relating to this are in the file. The work carried out included new sills, new lower rear wing repair panels, new doors and new front wings and valance, and a complete re-paint, etc. The car was then Waxoyled and has had the same treatment carried out several times since. It still retains all of its original interior trim, which is in good condition. In the early 2000s a new clutch, overdrive and exhaust manifolds, etc, were all fitted. Numerous invoices for other work are also contained in the file including a complete brake and suspension rebuild, and the fitment of a new fuel tank. Currently fitted with ‘Minator’ wheels but the original factory V8 wheels are also in good condition and are still with the car 160213
Keith Belcher reports "
Sold in two days - first person to view bought the car" 160220

£19,995 - MGBGTV8 in Glacier White - private sale
The car underwent a major rebuild in 2002 when the mileage was 77,400. At this time the engine, gearbox and back axle were rebuilt, there are records detailing all work carried out which also included in 2011 new sills, lower half front and rear wings, stainless front wing liners and the car was repainted . This was a strip-down repaint with all glass, chrome and lights removed. On refit the windscreen, side mouldings, bumpers and carpets and trim were replaced. Also the tyres, brake callipers, discs rear springs etc were renewed, the odometer now shows 97,876. 160213