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Largest turnout ever seen at a provincial car auction in the UK
Alan Rennie has spotted a report from auction analyst Richard Hudson-Evans on the Classic Cars for Sale website saying "
even before the ACA doors were opened last Saturday morning in King’s Lynn, punters queued to check out an unprecedented 246 car entry which attracted by far the largest turnout ever seen at a provincial sale in the UK. Indeed, at times being able to edge the auction cars through the scrum became a group test of breathing in and watching your toes!" In the report he adds "well presented, MGBGTV8s continued to purr upwards with a 1975 car making an above estimate band £17,010." Report

Numberplate a factor?
Ron Gammons responded saying "I suspect the high price for the Tundra coloured V8 reflected the numberplate which would be valued at at least £2,000 in my view". Commenting on concerns with rising prices he added "
it will be an easier task to convince SWMBO that expenditure on a V8 is not a lost cause or alternatively convince the owner that its worth it!. To comprehensively restore a V8 now has to be of the order of £30,000 to £40,000 which many insurance companies simply will not wear for insurance!"

More signs MGBGTV8 prices are moving ahead
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Contributors: Keith Belcher, Adam Fianer, Ron Gammons, David Heaton & Alan Rennie
Posted: 150204 & updated 150204 & 150220

Keith Belcher has been following the three MGBGTV8s in an auction catalogue and reports "it is a rare auction when three chrome bumper V8s make the rostrum in winter. The three V8s sold on Saturday 31st January 2015 at Anglia Car Auctions and did quite well. Auction results

The star was a 1975 much restored largely standard Tundra V8 with a walnut dash, full leather interior and nice registration number SCH 1 L which made £17,010 against an estimate of £14,000 to £16,000.
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The very tidy 1974 Teal Blue V8, again with a walnut dash, leather seats and a very clean underside made £12,075 against an estimate of £9,500 to £11,500. More

The 1973 Damask V8 with a low 65,000 miles but with a (possibly frowned on) tow bar, non standard air cleaners and with nice registration number NOV 8 M only made £9,450 against estimate of £9,000 to £12,000. More

These prices include the 5% + VAT premium. It looks like very tidy cars are hitting the spot reaching top estimate figures at auction. It would be interesting to hear from someone who inspected the cars at the auction to hear more accurate descriptions of the condition of the cars."

Adam Fiander, who did the V8 price update in February 2015, notes "certainly the Tundra car did very well at that price. Even though a ‘back-date’, with non-standard interior (albeit presented very, very well), it proves that quality and overall presentation are worth the effort. This price is even more surprising as it’s higher than a standard spec car of similar presentation, which I would normally have valued higher than one that had been dabbled with, such as this.
I wonder if the bidders were in the room, or whether there was a telephone bidder involved – I would have loved to have been there to witness it! Someone clearly fell passionately in love with that car and was going to have it all costs! Either that or a wealthy foreign telephone bidder perhaps. Whatever the case, it was a perfect result for the former owner of course. The other two V8s also did well - I am sure their owners were pleased with the results.

It is interesting what a massive premium the market now places on the V8 model over the 1800 equivalent – outwardly the same car minus engine and the all important rarity factor! There were five other 1800 GTs that bumbled along the bottom floor selling at between £1,000 and £4,000 on the day. At last, the V8’s time appears to have finally come!"

Update - the Tundra MGBGTV8 reappears on offer from a trader at £22,500 - up 32% in barely 2 weeks!

The Tundra MGBGTV8 sold at auction on Saturday 31st January has reappeared just two weeks later on offer with a trader at £22,500 - a massive £5,490 increase or 32% hike on the auction price of £17,010.

The chrome bumper Fcatory MGBGTV8 is a 1975 much restored car with many modifications including a walnut dashboard, full leather interior, power steering and electric windows which made £17,010 against an auction catalogue estimate of £14,000 to £16,000.
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