Fully priced MGBGTV8 on offer on eBay

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At this price an MGBGTV8 will need to be exceptional in terms of condition and originality. A close physical inspection would be needed to assess the quality of the bare metal restoration and also the quality of the chrome bumper conversion because a fully professional job involves a great deal of skill with the necessary bodywork modifications. The attention to detail with the badging on refurbished V8s can often indicate the level of knowledge of the model and in this case the random placing of the "chrome V8" badges on both wings is odd and the badges on both the tailgate and grille are missing. Inside there appears to be leather seats rather than the original cord seat covers. It is not known whether the car is offered as a trade sale or offered by a trader on behalf of a private owner on a commission sale basis.

A VES search on the GOV.UK website shows the car is not taxed or SORNd and not MOTd. The tax ran out in February 2014!

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£25,000 plus - MGBGTV8 in Glacier White -trade offer
This is a chrome bumper conversion of a 1975 Factory rubber bumper MGBGTV8 which has also undergone a bare metal respray. The mileage is shown as 60,000. It has an original Webasto sliding sunroof. It's on offer with a trader in Hampshire seeking "offers in excess of £25,000".

This car (Glacier White 2390) was registered with the V8 Register many years ago by a member in Scotland and before him a member in Bristol. It was original despatched from the Factory to Oliver Rix in Nantwich in Cheshire. It's now on offer in Hampshire.