MGBGTV8 goes for £14,560 at a recent H&H auction
The car was built in 1973 so is eligible for Historic tax class and a NIL value VED.

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Updated: 151230
Posted: 151228

Andy Goves attended the H&H Auction at Chateau Impney at Droitwich Spa in December where a Factory MGBGTV8 in Damask Red was listed with an estimate of just £5-7,000 which he "found quite disturbing – hence my attendance! I did ponder if this was a typo in the catalogue and that it should have read £15-17,000! The car was Damask Red 0428, the second most popular colour produced, and in very good order, paintwork wise, and with leather seats. It had been fitted with a Webasto sunroof (a popular option) and had a non-standard gauge fitted to the centre of the dashboard between the rev counter and the speedometer. The engine bay was not restored but clean and tidy. I’m pleased (and relieved) to report that it sold
after brisk bidding by two bidders for £14,560 – a credible result, further underpinning the V8 values researched by the V8 Register". With the addition of the buyer's premium of 12% plus VAT that would make the purchase cost £16,657 around 10% below our guide price of £18,540 for a Condition 1 chrome bumper MGBGTV8.
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