Repositioning the rocker cover bracket to facilitate air filter assembly
Here Jim Livingstone describes a procedure which helps avoid the misalignment between the air filter and its mounting bracket on the rocker cover and a revised bolt tightening sequence.

Posted: 201003

We have all read the instruction beloved of the authors of Workshop Manuals - "Reassemble in the reverse order of dismantling". It is a quick and easy way to avoid repetition and effort and in most cases it results in a perfectly satisfactory reassembly. However, there are instances where a reversal of the dismantling sequence is not satisfactory. Such a case is the reassembly of the Air Filter Bracket to the Rocker Cover.

I had noticed on the rare occasions I had removed the Air Filter centre bolt I always experienced difficulty refitting it. On a casual inspection it looked like a case of inadequate taper on the lead thread and I decided that a dog point* was the appropriate solution. This, however, turned out to be an instance of lazy analysis and only effected a partial cure. The true cause was misalignment between the Air Filter and its Mounting Bracket on the Rocker Cover caused by the bracket being tightened in the wrong sequence during a previous assembly. The MG designers

had recognised the considerable tolerance stack up* between the Air Filter and the Rocker Cover and had provided elongated holes in the Mounting Bracket. The consequence of this was if the bracket was reassembled to the Rocker Cover and prematurely tightened it was likely to be in the wrong position.

There is another problem associated with the bracket's position and that is if the bracket is positioned too close to the Rocker Cover then the Air Filter bolt can contact the latter and cause minor damage to the ribbing. The procedure which follows describes an assembly sequence to avoid these issues.

Jim describes the revised bolt tightening procedure. procedure.

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