RV8 - cut out marked

Solving the second gear problem with an LT77 or R380
Andy Leondiou reported in a V8BB post that he thinks we have sorted out the 2nd gear problem with the RV8s thanks to Stuart Ratcliff of The MG Centre of

RV8 - contact between the gear lever and the edge of the opening

Sydney. Andy says "Stuart started investigating the problem when he had a spate of RV8 owners complaining of the second gear crunching or popping out of gear when letting out the clutch. He thought that the original rubber dust excluder (same as that in an MGB) fitted under the leather gaiter
RV8 RV8 - second gear with the cut out made and no longer contact with the edge

around the gear lever could impinge on the gear
lever engaging second gear correctly."
In this note Andy explains how the modification was made.

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