Critical views on spacesaver wheels
Some of the feedback on the spacesaver thread on the V8BB was critical of the idea of a spacesaver following the release of RV8NOTE304 on Tuesday 4th August . (Aug 09)

Ian Quarrington commented “personally I'd rather keep the right size wheel with me and if necessary get a luggage rack if I wanted to go long distance RV8 motoring.”

Bob Owen had other concerns – “I'm with Ian on this. I'm of the opinion that the term "spacesaver" is a
marketing stroke of genius on the part of car manufacturers' marketing men. It's a cover up for
their saving money by not providing a proper spare wheel, modern alloy wheels being a significant cost component of a new vehicle. If I do make use of the extra room made available by my "spacesaver" no one has yet told me what I do with my large punctured wheel when I try to fit it into the space vacated by my spacesaver. Do I discard my punctured wheel or some of my luggage?

In similar vein, the aerosol emergency inflators sometimes supplied as spare wheel substitutes (BMW Z3?) are ironically less effective on modern low profile tyres than old fashioned ones as low profile tyres are more likely to have side wall damage from running under inflated. So there's a good
chance that a 15 minute zero cost wheel change
becomes a several hour expensive low loader ride.

My ZTT has a "spacesaver". This has the added annoyance factor of only fitting on the back "for safety". So a puncture on the front (I have had two in five years) requires the transfer of a good back tyre to the front to allow the fitting of the spacesaver on the back. Moreover, MG Rover used the Rover 75 spare wheel carrier assembly for the ZTT, conveniently forgetting the ZTT has wider wheels. Consequently, the spare wheel hinged access door cannot be closed when the full size wheel is inserted and the effective load space is reduced to zero!

Give me a "proper" spare wheel every time! But I'm too mean to fork out the £300 for one!"
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