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Posted: 170308
Angus Munro had been hunting for a good MGBGTV8 since November last year and had posted a "wanted" advert on the MGV8s for Sale webpage. In February a very good example appeared on offer at Brown & Gammons in Baldock. Angus made a prompt visit and liked what he saw. It was an early V8 (Glacier White 0394) built in August 1973 and despatched in September to Stewart & Arden in Barnes SW London just south of Hammersmith Bridge.

Malcolm Gammons says "it is a good car with a very well documented history file with everything from old tax discs to full service records". The car came to B&G to be handled as a commission sale and as it had been laid up for a while, they went right through the car to check it and fit a new set of tyres so it could be prepared for display. Once completed Angus went to Baldock
yesterday to collect the car and drive it home. He is delighted. B&G website

What is a commision sale?

Placing your car with a specialist MG trader on a commission sale basis will have your car well prepared and then put on expert display in their showroom to get a good exposure to buyers. The car will feature on the "cars for sale" stock on their website and selectively in their adverts in club and commercial magazines. Where your car has been regularly serviced by the trader, they will have a good knowledge of the condition and maintenance record of the car, so will be able to market the car well. Many people selling a classic car prefer not to have buyers visiting their homes to inspect, test drive and haggle for their car. Engaging a specialist MG trader can transfer that role for a commission - usually as a "success only" fee. More