MGV8s see large price uplifts!

Keith Belcher has spotted two adverts in Classic Car Buyer for MGV8s seen for sale which show considerable price uplifts on their earlier sale prices.

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Posted: 200730

Pricewatch review
This rubber bumper MGBGTV8 in the rare colour Sandglow was advertised by Thornfalcon Classics in Taunton on 7th February 2020 as "exceptional" and with only 71,000 miles at £19,995. It was subsequently marked as SOLD. It was then seen advertised by a trader on 30th April 2020 and again in the advert in Classic Car Buyer this week where it's on offer at £24,995 which is a hefty £5,000 or 25% uplift. The car looks in very good condition and Sandglow is a very rare Factory colour, only 8 were built in this colour at the MG Plant.

Photo: Thornfalcon Classics

Pricewatch review
Our Pricewatch volunteer, Keith Belcher, recalls this reimported RV8 with a very low mileage and aircon was sold at Brightwell's auction on 24th June 2018 for a surprisingly low £18,700. It's now advertised in Classic Car Buyer this week with a dealer, probably in the Bedfordshire area, at £24,995 which is a hefty £6,295 or 34% increase.

Our Pricewatch price guide released in May 2020 indicates RV8 Condition 1 prices have drifted up by around £645 or 3.25% since May 2018 to £20,445. Our Pricewatch guide price for a Condition 1 Plus RV8 is around £23,500 with "Exceptional" RV8s at £26,450 so the advertised price is between the two. Guide