MGBGTV8 reappears for sale again

Keith Belcher says "the price is a bit ambitious as it's beyond what I have seen completely immaculate MGBGTV8s sell for and this car is slightly modified with a non standard interior. The car is known to us, though, we checked out its history when it came up for sale in 2017". More

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Posted: 200709

Our Pricewatch volunteer, Keith Belcher, has spotted this MGBGTV8 (Damask 0139) is advertised for sale with a trader in Yorkshire at £39,995. It was previously sold in 2017 when posted for sale on the V8 Website by a V8 Register member at "offers over £25,000". It then reappeared again for sale with the trader in Yorkshire in December 2018 and now again in July 2020.

It is a feature news item - see alongside - in the latest issue of Classic Car Weekly. See a larger copy

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