MGBGTV8 sells at auction for £34,524

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MGBGTV8 in Damask
SWVA Auction - 25th October 2019
Estimate: £18,900 to £19,900
Auction listing notes it's an early MGBGTV8 first registered on 30th August 1973 with only 49,666 miles (warranted) and described by the auctioneer as "quite outstanding, she is truly a beautiful car". It was chosen to be the V8 featured in the January 2012 issue of Classic & Sports Car, when they did a feature tribute article to celebrate ‘MGB at 50’.
See the auction listing

This MGBGTV8 has been registered with the V8 Database and has V8 Register screen badge located in the top lefthand corner of the windscreen. From the set of good quality photos included with the auction listing an assessment of the bodywork, trim, engine bay and Dunlop composite wheels indicates it is in a very good condition with original trim (Blue as it is an early car) and with only minor modifications. The badging is not misplaced as we often see where MGBGTV8s have been restored. The car has a detailed maintenance and history file which mentions the first owner was the Kenlowe (cooling fans) family.

From our copy of the production records, this is an early production MGBGTV8, built on 15th June 1973 and despatched from the MG Plant to Mann-Egerton in High Wycombe on 23rd July 1973 as dealership stock ahead of the launch of the model on 17th August 1973.

MGBGTV8 in Damask
SWVA Auction - 25th October 2019
Sold: £34,524 including commission & VAT
Andy Goves, one of our Pricewatch volunteers, reports "the chrome bumper MGBGTV8 (Damask 0212) sold at the SWVA auction. Bidding took the bidding to a hammer price of £31,500". The total payable including the buyer's commission and VAT thereon will be £34,524.
Auction result
Hammer price
Buyer's commission @ 8%
VAT thereon @ 20%
Total payable by the buyer

Andy understands there is also an undisclosed compulsory purchase fee to be added to this total price which indemnifies the buyer against any vehicle being stolen property or subject to outstanding finance. This fee isn’t disclosed on their website.

Comment on the auction result

The total price for the car including the commission and VAT of £34,524 certainly places this car in the "Exceptional" condition class and in some ways one is left feeling it might have attracted a higher hammer price. The buyer's commission of 8% is lower than we have seen at other recent auctions - 12.5% at H&H auction at Duxford for example - which had this car sold on that basis it would have added £1,701 or 4.92% raising the total price for the buyer to £36,225.