MGBGTV8 sells at auction for £33,600
In our market report released on 20th May one of our Pricewatch volunteers mentioned he saw a "nut and bolt restoration" of a Factory chrome bumper MGBGTV8 was sold for £33,600 at the Historics auction at Brooklands on Saturday 18th May 2019.

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Tasteful upgrades are almost an established feature of the market
In our previous market reports we felt there were signs the attraction of tastefully upgraded MGBGTV8s was growing in the marketplace. That trend seems to have continued over the last six months and has become an established feature of the market, but there are nonetheless signs two parallel markets for Condition 1 cars continue – one for near original Factory spec cars and another for upgraded cars, often tastefully upgraded with leather seats and trim and a bodywork colour change during restoration. Buyers in the upgraded sector seem less interested in and maybe less aware of originality, but simply see the car as they feel it should be.
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Factory MGBGTV8 in Damask sells for £33,600!
One of our Pricewatch volunteers attended the H&H auction at Brooklands on Saturday 18th May 2019 and says the "very high value lots were within the restricted auction area - for example the Aston Martin DB6 and its peers. Surprisingly, the MGBGTV8 was also within this restricted area, given its somewhat low estimated price (£13,000 to £18,000) and I can vouch for a continued high level of interest shown in this MG over the seven hours I was at the auction. Bidding was strong resulting in the exceptional price including buyers premium and VAT thereon of £33,600".
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MGBGTV8 doubles its estimate
Fully restored car smashes the previous marque record

The latest issue of Classic Car Weekly out today has a feature on the sale of a "recent nut and bolt restoration of a genuine Factory built MGBGTV8" over a week ago.

"Utter authenticity during restoration"
The auctioneer, Historics, is reported as saying "this was a classic case of quality is king. It's a a truly exceptional car, the skills lavished to maintain utter authenticity during restoration has paid dividends through a sale price that has shattered its previous sale estimate". The CCW article adds "the previous highest price realised by an MGBGTV8 was £17,600 achieved by a car at a CCA auction in 2016".
Comment: "it's a pity that given the high level of restoration undertaken on this car to "maintain authenticity", a number of aspects were not original - for example the random placing of the nearside wing badges, non original offside wing badges, leather seats and trim and steering wheel".

Bidding with deep pockets drives prices up
CCW's auction guru Richard Hudson-Evans, said "it's extraordinary, but it's also what happens at the top of the market when two or more people decide that they want a car - the money is irrelevant - they are prepared to pay whatever it takes for it".