Ex-police MGBGTV8 demonstrator sold
An early pre-production chrome bumper MGBGTV8 (number GD2D1-0112 G) was advertised for sale on the V8 Website in June 2018 by Malcolm Bailey. It was a car used by the MG Plant as a demonstrator for police forces equipped with instruments and equipment for speed enforcement duties. It was a popular car with police drivers.

After its time with the police as a demonstrator, GOF 88L was decommissioned in late 1973 and sold as a private car in September of that year. The main body of work to convert the car back to police specification was carried out by the previous owner,Gerry Hiorns, but it was Malcolm Bailey who commissioned a local MG specialist to carry out the restorative works necessary to bring it up to the excellent condition that it’s in today. The work
included a full bodywork restoration carried out in 2011 which included new front wings, sills and castle rails, front valance and other necessary welding works. It was then resprayed in the correct BLMC Police White paint, and had a reconditioned gearbox fitted.

What has puzzled many MGBGTV8 enthusiasts is why this MGBGTV8 hadn't sold sooner because it was an exceptional car in terms of both its history with a large amount of police speed enforcement equipment and the excellent condition of the car too. We have heard it has recently been sold via an online auction site called The Market for £17,500 - some 24% lower than the earlier price of £22,995. Looking at the price chart in our recent Price Guide the original offer price of £22,995 was close to a Condition 1 Plus MGBGTV8 reflecting the condition of the car not to mention the exceptional history.

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1973 MGBGTV8 ex-Police demonstrato
r - advert
On offer:
reduced to: £22,995 ono
The advert on the V8 Website said: "Early pre-production chrome bumper car (number GD2D1-0112 G). More than £20,000 was spent on the car between late 2009 and mid-2013 including some new body panels, painted Police White (I have service sheets for all work), and it has been serviced annually ever since. Full stainless steel Sport exhaust system, original lobster claw air filter holders and original steering wheel. Dunlop composite V8 wheels in excellent condition. MOT till May 2019. The car comes complete with the contemporary Police equipment as well as a Heritage certificate, the original copy of Police Review from 17th August 1973 featuring the review of this car, magazines with articles about it and a Unipart parts catalogue for all MGB models up to 1976 including the V8". 180608 Advert

There was a linked A4L twin column PDF with a set of photos of this interesting car.

1973 MGBGTV8 Pre-Production & Police Demonstrator
SOLD via an online auction for £17,500

See the online auction listing. The Market

Speed enforcement MGBGTV8 featured in Police Review

This pre-production MGBGTV8 was registered on 2nd February 1973 seven months before the model was available for general sale in August that year. Following a press launch, it was painted in British Leyland Police White and then supplied to several forces for evaluation. Fitted with a Ferrie Plastics triangular roof box (with rotating blue beacon), two-tone air horns, police radio and other equipment it then spent time as a demonstrator with the Sussex, Staffordshire, Thames Valley and West Mercia forces.

It was featured in Police Review magazine in its issue out on 17th August 1973. The report by WR Taylor commented ‘it is so perfect for police work that it could have been designed specifically for the job’. Other officers offered differing opinions ranging from "it could have been lethal in inexperienced hands" to ‘the "B V8 went exceptionally well whilst the handling did not seem to be compromised." You can see a copy off this interesting article on the V8 Website as it is reproduced here with the kind permission from Jane's Information Group - Jane's Police Review. The permission excluded the use of the original photos in the article so our library photos have been substituted.
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