MGBGTV8 road test report in Police Review
The Police Review was keen on the MGBGTV8 - the first paragraph by W.R. Taylor was quite clear:
Pursuit or enforcement cars of the two-seater variety are slowly gaining in popularity and probably the majority of cars of this type that are in service with Police Forces are MG "B" GTs. This car combines a businesslike appearance with a reasonable performance, and is capable of carrying a surprising amount of equipment. Now, announced this week, we have a new model, which should make this one of the finest enforcement cars available - the MG "B" GT V-8.

As the new MGBGTV8 was launched in August 1973, the specialist journal Police Review did a road test and reported its finding in their issue dated 17th August 1973.
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Two MGBGTV8s were finished in "Police White" and loaned to several forces for evaluation purposes and later three MGBGTV8s were purchased by the Thames Valley Constabulary for patrol and enforcement work. For more details, see MGBGTV8 police cars
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