Updated MGV8 market review and price guide

Our Pricewatch volunteers, Andy Goves and Keith Belcher, monitor MGV8s seen for sale in adverts and in auction listings and from that data we produce our six monthly market reviews and updated price guides. The six monthly periods are to the start of November and May. The guides cover chrome bumper and rubber bumper MGBGTV8s and RV8s in Woodcote Green and Other Colours. The premium for chrome bumper MGBGTV8s over rubber has continued to fall with seemingly a greater interest in condition and similarly the premium for RV8 Other Colours has continued to reduce.

Our market reviews & charts

Our price guide table
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Updated: 190502

MGBGTV8 price chart 2010 to May 2019

MG RV8 price chart 2010 to May 2019

Updated price guide table - May 2019
These are indicative prices based on information gathered over the six months to May 2019 and an analysis of our Pricewatch volunteers' reports of MGV8s seen for sale in adverts in various publications, through online sites and listed for auction. Traders' prices are usually slightly higher than private sale pricing from their professional preparation, aftersales service and any warranties traders provide. See our note on the limitations of our data collection and analysis used to produce these market reviews and price guides.