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Posted: 181127

Updated: 200509
Price Guide is only an indication of MGV8 prices
This price guide has been produced by analysing the Pricewatch listings from our two Pricewatch volunteers together with other information obtained from reports from fellow members and from published auction results or the selling prices achieved with some MGBGTV8 and RV8 sales. There are clearly limitations with the gathering of data and the analysis:

> Assessing the condition of a car advertised for sale in a magazine or online is difficult to judge from photos without a physical inspection and the assessment is inevitably subjective. To maintain consistency, so far as is possible, the condition assessment is made by only one person.

> Information examined includes photos of the car (recognising they may not be current photos but possibly taken some years earlier), the description of the car (sometimes over rosy descriptions), reviewing the available MOT history on the GOV.UK website and reviewing the history available on the V8 Database and in other records held by the V8 Registrar. Occasionally cars are viewed by a Pricewatch member when practicable.