RV8GT appears yet again!

Our Pricewatch spotter, Keith Belcher, has seen an MG RV8GT has reappeared for sale again. The price since 2012 has weaved about but is now £16,995 compared with £29,500 in 2012. How do you price an exotic beast like this? Who will be a buyer?

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Posted: 170802
December 2012
This RV8GT was first spotted for sale by David Knowles in a V8BB thread he launched in December 2012. From a search it was also found for sale on eBay - with bidding closing on 17th January 2013.

Godrey Dennis posted a note on the V8 Bulletin Board thread saying "this modified RV8 is now on Piston Heads website for an asking price of £29,500. It looks to have been heavily modified, judging by the photos, but £29,500?" It's not clear whether the car was sold or simply withdrawn.

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May 2013
Featured on Piston Heads website. "An unofficial conversion based on an old BGT, that combine the RV8’s updated looks and power with the classic coupe styling of the BGT. However this one is a little different; rather than starting out as a GT, it in fact started life as a genuine RV8, and had the roof of a GT grafted on. Which makes it a bit special, in that it carries a genuine RV8 registration. It delivers on that promise too, with a significantly breathed-on V8 that kicks out a claimed 254hp and a thumping 270lb ft torque. We're not quite so keen on the... erm... let’s call it ‘extrovert’ interior, though".

The article concludes saying "this is a rare beast, and sounds like bloomin’ brilliant fun, in a slightly scary, 'lots of power with old leaf springs and drum brakes' way. And while it’s a touch pricey for an RV8, quite frankly, we just don’t care. After all, where else are you going to find anything like it? £24,995. More

July 2016

Spotted by our Pricewatch team and posted on the Pricewatch webpage in July 2016. The advert was removed in August 2016, again it was not clear whether the car had been sold but probably not.

Pricewatch listing was:

£28,950 - RV8 professionally converted to a GT - private sale - advert removed
Advert says "registered with the DVLA on a V5 as an MGRV8 Coupe, it's in Alfa Titanio Opaco Grey Metallic with Compomotive split rim alloys. Engine fitted with Kent fast road cams, AT throttle bodies, Grace performance injectors, Emerald ECU, custom made stainless sports exhaust and now develops approx 254bhp. Over £40,000 spent on the car which is in excellent condition. Spotted by Keith Belcher. 160702 & 160812

August 2017
Autotrader advert online says "this is one of one. Now to the purist this may or may not be for you but if you like your cars individual then this is a strong contender. It's a Marmite MG and if it's not to your taste I totally understand but you still have to admire the effort that's been put in to this MG. It started life as a RV8 and lovingly had a metal roof conversion at the same time as the awesome wide body which is all steel. On the V5 it states that the car is a coupe GT RV8. Power 250 bhp and torque 270 ib/ft. Engine works carried out by Grace Engine Developments. Gas-flow heads. Heavy duty valve springs. Kent H214K fast road cam. AT power throttle bodies and more. Body work carried out by Berkshire Body Shop. (Alfa Romeo Colour) Titanio Opaco matt Grey. Spax adjustables, Hand made S/Steel exhaust which sounds fantastic, Rear wheels 11"x16" Front wheels 10"x16". Its has a interesting interior with red dash and black leather with red pipping, again Marmite but does work well as this car is shouting from the roof tops with its aggressive stance, loud exhaust note and red interior which works well as soon as you lift the bonnet". Spotted by Keith Belcher. £16,995. 170802
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