MGBGTV8 sold on eBay

Andy Goves has spotted an MGBGTV8 auctioned on eBay has closed today.

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Posted: 160228

MGBGTV8 in Glacier White - private sale
Initial reserve £14,009

Factory rubber bumper V8 (1975) converted to chrome bumper with a change of body colour from Chartreuse to Glacier White. It's got wire wheels a seriously non standard feature for the V8 powered model.
Car has been registered with the V8 Register since 2008.

Sold for £13,766
How do you assess this sale? Without a physical inspection it's difficult to know with certainty the condition but it appears to be at best Condition 2 plus so that would be somewhere midway between our guide prices for a Factory chrome bumper car of £10,480 to £18,540 say around £13,500 and then the modifications might remove say £1,000 possibly more, so a net £12,500 at most. If the condition was in fact closer to Condition 1 then the closing auction price of £13,766 might not seem such a full price. It illustrates how important a close physical inspection of a car offered for sale is as part of the process of determining a price for bidding at auction or negotiating a purchase. 160228