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RV8 spares and services

Looking for spares for your RV8 or interested in the special offers from our V8LIFELINE members? Well visit their dedicated webpages by clicking the icons below.

Spares News

Spares quality. Clive Wheatley reports there is a need to take increasing care with checking the quality of replacement spares.

Replacement radiators for MGBGTV8s and V8 conversions have been of variable quality lately and a better quality source of supply is being identified. Details will follow later in the Spring.

Replacement water pump for the MGBGTV8 is available again from Quinton Hazel who have recently produced them as a pressure diecast unit with good seals.

Rubber water hoses for the MGBGTV8 are another case where variable quality spares have been distributed. Particular care is needed as the quality is not as a good as the original equipment which was often capable of service for many years. It is understood that Unipart now only supply two hoses so it can be difficult obtaining the others. For example the demon pipes under the manifold, BHH 1082 (short) and BHH 1083 (long) are difficult, but if you have problems finding a replacement, contact a V8LIFELINE specialist like Clive Wheatley or Brown & Gammons, Clive Wheatley mgv8parts or Moss Europe.

Replacement MGBGTV8 crown wheel and pinions, sourced and produced last year by Clive Wheatley, have had good experience in operation and good stocks remain.

Replacement MGBGTV8 road wheels have been a regular topic over the years but increasingly there is evidence you need to be particularly careful when purchasing replacements. Some have had kerb scrubs knocked out and then rechromed and others claim to be "brand new original equipment". On the original wheels, the flat face of the distinctive chunky features of the alloy centres have fine machining marks across them. They were not highly polished as we have seen on some wheels claiming to be original equipment. There is no point paying a premium price for an inaccurately described spare. Another difficulty with poor quality V8 wheel refurbishments is poor air-tightness of the rivets fixing the steel rims to the alloy centres, so choose your wheel supplier with care.

R380 gearboxes are beginning to be fitted as replacement equipment in original factory produced MGBGTV8s. They can be supplied at sensible prices - just contact Clive Wheatley for details of availability and supply contacts on 01902 330489 (daytime) or 01902 337294 (home & fax).

Starter motors. Finally a useful replacement starter motor is available for the MGBV8 produced by Nippon Denzo which is half the weight at 2kgs and takes half the current when compared with the original equipment. John Targett (BRG 1022) uses one on his full race MGB Roadster which he campaigns in the USA and has found it has proved reliable. The unit is available at 175 plus VAT (Jun 00) from Moss Europe. Go to Nippon Denzo Starter for more details.