RV8 replacement elm burr gearknobs
Terry Starkey (Le Mans Green 0786) from Norfolk made a replacement gearknob on elm burr for himself and then a few friends, and found they were a very popular replacement for the standard leather RV8 gearknob. (Nov 06)
A replacement gearknob in Elm burr to match the interior timber trim of an RV8 is now available from RV8 enthusiast Terry Starkey. It is beautifully finished and a delight in the hand for gearchanges. The first batch of his gearknobs was snapped up by fellow RV8 enthusiasts from the UK to Australia. Now a new shape is also available, so RV8 enthusiasts can choose which one they would like although Terry says "that by far the most popular is a new shape which I think looks and feels superb". He adds the original shape has changed slightly since the photo alongside was taken as the small flange at the base of the knob has now gone so it makes a perfect shape.
The gearknobs are produced by his woodturner from an old burr elm that was felled in his Norfolk village some 25 years ago. A specially shaped aluminium insert is turned and bonded into the knob so that the leather gaiter is properly supported. They are polished and then protected with a two pack varnish. Each knob is unique in grain and pattern and they look stunning. The gearknob can be fixed easily to the gear lever and comes with instructions to reassure even those spanner phobics! Delivery

depends on his woodturner's workload and mood, but it usually takes about two to three weeks.
Orders are welcome for either style of gearknob. For .

overseas inclusive post and packaging costs, please contact Terry Starkey at terry@starkey.uk.com or on 01508 470354. Copyright: V8 Register
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