Ordering an MGV8 Spares for Sale or Wanted Advert on the V8 Website
Advertising MGV8 spares for sale or wanted on the V8 Website
You have a standard advert on the webpage comprising a photo and a brief description of the spares item. In that advert you can have a link to a separate A4 PDF document with photos of your spares which will enable prospective purchasers to review the key features of the item before contacting you. See the current adverts for the style, content and size of the text for your advert. You can also have a spares"wanted" advert. See current adverts

How do I get an advert posted on the V8 Website?
The adverts are free to current members of the V8 Register and the MG Car Club. Any donations will be welcome. Just send the V8 Webmaster the text of your advert describing the item, the condition and price and your email and/or telephone contacts and location (by county) together with a photo or diagram (where possible) of the part. Please also add your current MG Car Club membership number.
V8 Webmaster

Creating your advert - use our template in Word format
You can use our template and guide in Word format.

V8 Spares for Sale or Wanted advert on the V8 Website - for non- members
We will accept adverts from non-members but will welcome a modest donation which you can make by contacting our V8 Treasurer who will provide the details for a bank transfer.
Contact the V8 Treasurer

When your spares have been sold or found
Please would all advertisers let the V8 Webmaster know so he can mark the advert as SOLD or FOUND and remove your contacts. That will avoid a waste of time by visitors contacting you and our webpage looking poorly maintained.
Contact the V8 Webmaster
Trade or private sale?
All adverts should clarify whether the part(s) is/are offered for sale by a trader or as a private sale. By "trade sale" we mean parts offered for sale by either an individual as a sole trader or an individual acting on behalf of a commercial business, or by a commercial business. By "private sale" we mean parts offered for sale by the present owner as a V8 enthusiast. We feel this distinction is desirable not least for any UK Sale of Goods Act implications.

Beware of scams. More
The V8 Register, its officers and committee members cannot accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the details in any of the adverts on the V8 Website or for the conduct or outcomes of any trading that may result. Members purchasing parts advertised on the V8 Website should seek specialist assistance to carry out a technical examination of any parts they wish to purchase and make appropriate checks as to the ownership of the parts to ensure so far as is possible they are not stolen or subject to an outstanding hire purchase agreement.