Starkey gearknobs available again
Stuart Middlemiss says that we're continuing to produce both the Starkey elm burr gearknobs in both the original shape and the new, replacement shape. Angus Munro's article describes why they are so desirable. About 80% of past orders have been for the new shape. Article

The knob with the MG insert on the top surface was a special one-off design for the 200th Starkey gearknob and won't be repeated. Stuart Middlemiss says "I'll have to start thinking what we can do for the 300th!"

Stuart Middlemiss update
Stuart has been in touch saying "I thought I'd update you on the current Starkey gearknob situation.
Orders have been steady over the months since Terry's passing, with one of the latest going to the western tip of Austria on the shores of Lake Constance.

We're now down to a stock of timber sufficient for about 6 knobs and a new supply has so far been elusive, but I'm still searching and live in hope. If anybody knows of a timber yard not too far from Norfolk which may have a supply of burr elm, could they drop me an email.

A new batch of knobs is currently being made and I've just received the first order for one of these. The last date for Christmas gift gearknobs had better be 1st December but do stress that in the current state of supply it will have to be on a first come, first served basis. I will of course keep you posted on our efforts to find a new supply of timber. Lastly, I may have to slightly increase the unit price (currently at £49.50 including P&P for mainland UK) for the new batch being made but only by a couple of quid at most".

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Original shape of the elm burr gear knob has a
smooth look and is a delight in the hand.

New shape available as an alternative which has proved very popular.

Stuart Middlemiss has been in touch to say "following the sudden and sad death of Terry Starkey, I decided to take over production of the famous Starkey solid burr elm gearknobs which will continue to bear his name. Terry's wife, Brenda, is proud that Terry's "legacy" is being carried on and the production team of craftsmen is unchanged, as is Terry's pricing which was always non-profit making of course. Last week I sent off the first two gearknobs, numbers 278 and 279, both for RV8s with one destined for Abingdon, no less.

The current pricing is £45.50, plus £4 P&P for mainland UK - overseas postage upon application. Whilst we have enough burr elm for about another twelve knobs, we know of a further supply and will hopefully be able to keep the price at this level after a new supply of burr elm is purchased.

As you know, Terry supplied several gearknobs to MGBGTV8 owners and also MGB, MGC, MGF and TF owners, but he was not averse to seeing them on other marques - there is a TR6, a Daimler Dart, a Mini Cooper and two E-Types sporting Starkey gearknobs in various colour finishes".

Contact Stuart Middlemiss
at as that is his preferred communication but but if anyone really doesn't use email and would prefer an alternative, his phone number is 01508 570487.