V8 Technical Day 2019

With glorious weather and a meeting at a study centre on a farm overlooking the River Thame near Watlington in Oxfordshire, the event was both an opportunity for members to meet up and hear presentations on interesting topics. Many thanks to our hosts Charles and Tom Peers for the use of the Jack Peers Centre and to Sheila Cumming, Carol Edwards and Lesley Smith for the catering.

Reports of the individual presentations are alongside.

Photo report on the event. More

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Replacement 5-speed Mazda gearbox for an MGBGTV8
Christian Disney from Vitesse and fellow member Peter Berry described the kit and how it performs in an MGV8, what is involved with an installation and any necessary modifications, who can supply and install the kit, and what are the costs. See Peter's summary of the presentation. More
Are waterless coolants a worthwhile option for an MGV8?
Tony Lake provided a thorough assessment of waterless coolants and their claimed benefits, then an assessment of waterless coolant products ending with a recommended choice of coolant for an MGV8. See Tony's summary of his presentation. More
Trackers help secure your MGV8 and aid a successful recovery if it is stolen
Victor Smith described what trackers can do by monitoring a classic car, by notifying you of any disturbance to the vehicle, how a tracker can help recover the car if stolen, the available tracker options, how they are installed, what 24/7 monitoring services are available and the costs of the kit, installation and monitoring services. More & Video
MGV8 market report and price guide update
Victor Smith and Andy Goves gave an update on the 6 monthly market review and price guide released in May 2019 on the V8 Website, followed by a short Q&A session.
More & Market review & price guide
Tyre ageing effects and timing prudent replacement
Victor Smith gave an update following the articles in the V8 Newsletter published in the April 2019 issue of Safety Fast! More
Have you ever wondered why tyres are always Black
Nic Houslip explained why tyres are black and whether it is possible to have coloured ones. Early experimenters used soot from oil lamps , known as Lampblack, a form of Carbon it lowers friction and is a good conductor of heat. It also prevents UV light interfering with the rubber. More
Additional topics proposed by members
The final session was a session with questions from fellow members on the presentations and also questions on an additional topics were discussed by a panel.