Are waterless coolants a worthwhile option for an MGV8?

Following our V8 Technical Day we have the first of several reports on the individual presentations at the well attended event.

The presentation from Tony Lake provided the information members need to make a judgement on whether to go for the waterless coolant or stick with 50/50 water based coolants. Here Tony provides a summary of his assessment of waterless coolants.

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Evans claim their products prevent overheating which leads to pre-ignition and detonation. They improve combustion efficiency and deliver more power.

Well maintained MG V8 engines do not overheat; the thermostat opens at 82°C, the cooling fans cut in at 90°C, 50/50 coolant boils at 129°C at sea level with a 15 psi pressure cap. There is good margin in the production design to handle the engine power. Coolant and the engine bay do get hot in slow moving .traffic or at rest in hot weather. Power output is then very low, not a condition for detonation. Cooling fans keep those higher temperatures under control.

Evans say their product is not a substitute for poor design or maintenance.

V8 engine will run hotter
Production engine manufactures cannot afford to release designs with an overheating weakness. The physics, very simple calculations, show that Evans will cause an all- aluminium V8 engine to run hotter by 4°C compared with 50/50. A higher coolant outlet temperature will result, depending on ambient conditions. The V8 engine fits into a tight space, dealing with more heat is a backward step.

Octane number
Using fuel with the appropriate octane number is much more important in preventing detonation and maximising performance with good fuel economy. A carburetted, mechanically controlled 8.25:1 compression ratio engine works well on 95, but 9.5:1 cr needs 97 octane.

Cost of Evans coolant
The correct Evans product for an all-aluminium engine is PowerCool 180. Recent quotes for the cost of flush and coolant for the 16 pint MG system range £183 to £197.

Evans are positioned to support future high efficiency production engine designs in the quest for lower emissions and better fuel economy.economy.
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