Auctions chasing car sales are driving up classic car prices?

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Posted: 170301
A serious shortage of cars offered for private sale is predicted by classic car market experts, with a consequent rise in prices expected. They say "it's all because of the saturated auction market in the UK". This is the cover story in this weeks issue of Classic Car Weekly. They add that more private sellers are turning to auction houses to list and sell their car, who in turn are holding more auction sales. CCW adds this is "particularly seen in the sub-£10,000 price bracket of the classic car market" - typically hot hatches from the 1980s and 90s.

However with classic MGs there are signs the classified adverts in club magazines like Safety Fast! are seen as a preferred buying and selling route for MG buyers and sellers. Using that route you tend to deal with fellow MG enthusiasts. Our feedback from enthusiasts looking to get an MGV8 reveals carefully worded "MGV8 wanted" adverts are producing good results with "wanted" advertisers finding fellow enthusiasts who are MGV8 owners who are beginning to feel they want to sell their cherished car to a "good home" and not see it go through a "cattle market auction". Many longstanding owners, reaching a stage where they feel they must sell up, don't want the bother of a succession of "tyre kickers" and "traders concealing themselves as private buyers" rolling up at their homes trying to get a bargain.

A well presented "MGV8 wanted" advert placed by a recognised MG enthusiast can and has raised interest with long term MGV8 owners who had begun thinking of selling but didn't feel willing to break cover and move into the marketplace with an "MGV8 for sale" advert. In those cases a cordial meeting through a "wanted" advert and then a pleasant discussion resulting in sale to a good home has been a very welcome result for both parties.