Rebuild series reaches 100 reports - Mike Macartney, Dugald MacNeill and friends supporting the project

Dugald MacNeill and Mike Macartney enjoy a beer celebrating Mike reaching the 100th rebuild report. Mike's detailed illustrated reports of the rebuild have become very popular with fellow V8 members visiting the V8 website. More

Mike Macartney and Dugald MacNeill were fellow students at technical college back in the 1960s and have kept in touch ever since. Dugald travelled down to North Norfolk to support Mike's rebuild.

Mike taking a breather during the works - here the shell has returned from the paintshop.

Mike preparing the boot lid before refitting it on the freshly painted MGB Roadster.

Mike moves the rear axle into place for a check before fitting it to the car.

Mike rolling around under the car now on jacks after the spit was removed.

Dugald bolting the drilled angle brackets onto the spit's swivelling part.

Dugald working on the boot lid prior to refitting it.

Dugald working on fitting the rear suspension to the newly painted shell.

Dugald fitting the modified front suspension system.

Jane Macartney using a roller to push the vinyl dashborad covering onto the scuttle panel.

Barry, an old college friend marking out the stainless steel mesh grille to replace the original black plastic grille.

Howard, another of Mike's friends, works with Dugald preparing to remove the engine.

Saga Louts meeting at the Black Boys on Wednesday nights It's their haunt. Mike washing away the dust!