Thirteen part classic car series on Channel 5

Thursdays at 7pm on Channel 5

The new 13 part series of one hour programmes is a carefully crafted
patchwork of parts seemingly aimed at various groups with an interest in the classic car world. The content of the episodes so far suggests that pattern is likely to be seen in the following programmes. But for many real classic car enthusiasts the most welcome feature was the programme avoided overblown stunts and other TopPrat type of crass material. You can see past episodes each for a limited period on the Channel 5 website. Channel 5 website.

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Views on the series?
Do post your views on the series or on any feature in any episode on the thread running on the V8 Bulletin Board. V8BB

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Burton Dassett Hills in Warwickshire

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Will an MGBGTV8 feature in the series?
An MGBGTV8 features in the Channel 5 promotional video flying by on a straight country road with Quentin Willson at the wheel saying "Ding Dong!" That car appears to be a Green Mallard press V8 which featured in the Autocar roadtest on 16th August 1973 published as the model was launched. From the pattern of the first two episodes it looks as if the V8 will feature as one of the classics seen as an example of "an affordable classic that gives you all the nostalgic feel-good . . for a mere £5,000" - maybe £15,000 in this case.
Since the filming MGBGTV8 prices have been moving ahead as the recent Anglia Car Auctions sale results show.

John Fry has been in touch today to say he has heard that his Mallard Green press MGBGTV8 is likely to appear in the sixth episode which is due to go out on Thursday 5th March at 7pm. The filming was high up on the Burton Dassett Hills in Warwickshire to the south of Gaydon on a section of straight country road. The photo session included several other MGs - an early MGB Roadster, a restored car with a new Heritage bodyshell, the last MGBGT, an MGC and a new Frontline MGBGT.
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