MGBGTV8 at Mann Egerton in High Wycombe in the 1970s

See a copy of extracts from the in-house Mann Egerton Magazine on their High Wycome branch. More

See a copy of extracts from the in-house Mann Egerton Magazine on the Finchley branch of HE Saunders. More

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Posted: 170506
Rober Rose reimported an MGBGTV8 and through his research found it had been sold as a personal export through the University Motors PED department at its Balham branch. Not long after the purchase it went to Germany and then later it was shipped to New Zealand. Robert reports that "as part of my ongoing research I made contact with a former employee of Mann Egerton prior to its take over by Inchcape. The exchange of emails is probably of more interest to me than anyone else but he supplied two interesting attachments, one related to H A Saunders who ran 13 dealerships across the country which were taken over by Mann Egerton in 1969. He has supplied photos of the dealership in Finchley. Of greater interest is a photo taken from the in-house Mann Egerton magazine dated 1974 commenting on the sale of the MGBGTV8 in the sales room. In addition to the very short article there is a showroom picture (the registrations on the cars suggest it is 1973) of the High Wycombe Mann Egerton branch which clearly shows two MGBGTs. It would appear that the more distant of the two is possibly an MGBGTV8. I thought the photo and associated brief article may be of great interest to any V8 Register members whose MGBGTV8 was originally purchased from the Mann Egerton branch in High Wycombe". More

Robert adds "looking at the showroom photo, if you examine the photo scanning to the right you will note a poster for the Earls Court Motor Show. From the logo used there it appears to be the show held in October 1973 (17th - 27th) which dates the showroom photo as being around August 1973".