MGV8 market review and price guide updated

See our updated market review and price guide for the MGBGTV8 and for the MG RV8 for the 6 months to the end of April 2020. Updates

Posted: 200430
Our MGV8 market review and updated price guide for the 6 months to the end of April 2020 are subject to an important caution at this time when the classic car market is not able to function as normal and may not do so completely for many months. Our market review and price guide released today are at best an indication in these challenging times rather than a guide.

However as most of the market data analysed for this latest 6 month period was seen in the major part (73%) of the 6 months period prior to mid-March 2020 when C-19 public contact and movement constraints were announced by the UK Government, the data we have analysed is factual in the sense it was observed in the online marketplace. So we feel it is a credible source for updating our price guide and review.

Some might feel that with the social and economic uncertainties created by the current C-19 situation and the prospects for continued disruption to the classic car market, we should simply avoid publishing updated figures, even if they are qualified by an intelligent market review. The reality is despite the disruption to the classic car market the MGV8 market continues to exist, albeit with social and economic constraints and other unusual factors, and MGV8s will still command a price in the marketplace.

So please note our latest market review and updated price guide are released subject to this caution.
Our MGV8 market review and updated price guide covers an extraordinary 6 months period:

> Most recently the shock to social and economic life from the C-19 pestilence in the UK since the first half of March 2020 with the serious effects of the UK Government's social distancing and isolation requirements. The effects on the classic car market have been considerable for private and trade sales and particularly for live auctions which are "mass gatherings". Nimble footed and creative classic car auctioneers have set up online auctions to try and continue their operations but however good online sets of photos or video tours of cars offered for sale may be any buyer will need to make a close physical inspections of cars. The UK Government restrictions on "unnecessary travel" have been clear so for enthusiasts looking for an MGV8 it has made a physical inspection of cars for sale close to impossible.

> Prior to the C-19 crisis in the UK, our 6 month review period had already seen extraordinary background factors - more of the political muddle over Brexit in Autumn 2019, then the surprise general election, the result leaving the Conservatives with a workable majority and then the beginnings of steadier government during the first two months of 2020. But despite the effects those factors may have had, activity in the MGV8 market was generally strong in terms of the volume of cars seen offered for sale.

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