Reimported RV8 appears two months after it was seen sold with a 61% price uplift!

These adverts were spotted by Keith Belcher. Our guide price for RV8s in Woodcote Green are:
Condition 1: £19,725
Condition 2: £15,982
Condition 3: £10,195

So in two months this RV8 seems to have moved from Condition 2 minus to Condition 1. See our definitions of the condition classes. More

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Reimported RV8 (1995) in Woodcote Green
Sold in November 2019 for £12,100
Advert said "reimported from Japan in 2005 with 20,000 miles and 34,639 since in UK. Very sound, undented body but in need of a respray. Left with a cover on which has eroded the paintwork on the bonnet and bootlid. Leather seats in excellent condition. Veneer on dashboard and doors is cracking so will need attention. The car runs strongly, has an MoT until June 2020. Recent hood, starter motor and regularly serviced. Original alloy split rims in great shape, just need a polish. This car is generally sound but needs some cosmetic attention from an enthusiast. Can be viewed near Billingshurst in West Sussex".

Believed to have been a private sale on eBay .

Leather clad gear knob is still tatty

Vehicle & MOT check on the GOV.UK website
First registered in the UK in December 2005 and has an MOT to June 2020, but the MOT history is interesting with a FAIL in May 2017 with a dangerous NS front tyre with cords exposed and a list of 5 advisories in June 2019 including both rear brakes binding. Clearly this car will need a very close inspection.
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Reimported MG RV8 (1995) in Woodcote Green
For sale in January 2020 with a trader for £19,500
Advert says "RV8 Roadster with 35,000 miles, metallic Woodcote Green, Beige Connolly leather interior. Burr Elm veneer wood trim and one previous owner. Huge service history file, original sales brochure, private plate (K5 MGR) included and 15 Inch alloy wheels. A great investment." Can be viewed in Lytham St Annes in Lancashire.
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Price uplift

The new offer price of £19,500 is £7,400 or 61% higher than the sale price of £12,100 in November 2019, but clearly the trader has since put work into preparing the car for resale.

Fully prepared for sale by a trader
The photos of the car on offer in November indicated a car in need of careful preparation for sale as the paintwork looked tired and the interior need a tidying together with repairs to the cracked Elm burr dashboard and capping. Clearly the trader has made a real effort to refresh the paintwork, clean the engine bay, alloy wheels and the interior including the Stone Beige Connolly seats, but the leather clad gearknob still looks seriously worn and tatty.

The trader says 35,000 miles but the earlier advert in November mentioned the car had been reimported in 2005 with 20,000 miles with 34,639 since so a total then of 54,639 miles some 42% higher. Most reimports have a new mph speedometer installed and usually the owner keeps the original kph item to prove the mileage in Japan.

One previous owner?
This presumably refers to the private seller in November 2019 but as a reimport from Japan their would have been an owner there (having clocked up 20,000 miles), so at least two previous owners.

Check with the V8 Database
We have no record of a registration of an RV8 with the VRN K5 RVB.